Taraji Judges Sochi Figure Skaters – Yuna Kim and Adelina Sotnikova 김연아

Taraji knows whats good.

Koola King

Taraji knows whats good.


  1. Your videos just crack me up! All in a good way, of course. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yaaas the tea is piping hot. She signeD

  3. Koola have you watched Evgenia’s absolutely cringy program? She brought cringing to a whole new level lol.

  4. Hello Koola, first of all I'm glad I found this channel. It taught me a lot of things about ice skating. I used to consider all the jumps equivalent : they all looked alike since the skater rotates very quickly. Now with all the slow motion videos you did I can differentiate the jumps from each other. Thanks also for introducing me to the best athlete of figure skating, I'm talking about the one and only ever Queen and Goddess of ice : Kim Yuna. She's the best example for textbook jumps, as much as Medvedeva is the best example for non or bad texbook jumps. Secondly, I'm always excited to watch your videos, keep it up, and thanks for uploading numerous videos in a short period of time. Thirdly dunno if you're concerned, but YouTube are updating their policy so here you go: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9013793?p=partner_scanning&visit_id=1-636626245193974413-3340030840&rd=1&hl=en

  5. Are you a fan of yuka Sato 1994 Lillehammer free skate program? Do you agree with the comparisons to Janet Lynn? Without bias who do you think yuna Kim can be compared to? Who’s speed is better yulia or yuka sato? Who’s the queen of speed in figure skating?

  6. That reaction to Sotnikova 😂

  7. She's signed baby, I sign her right away.

    What do I have to say? It's Queen Yuna ^_^

  8. You should become an ISU judge

  9. Thanks YouTube for not notifying me when my God koola posts even though I have notifications on

  10. The shade at GoldenSkate I am here 4 it boo

  11. Me and Taraji just became best friends 😂😂😂😂

  12. Omg cookie from empire???


  13. Hehehe she knows what's good.
    Koola you're on fiya!

    Tell me I'm fiiiiirst!!!!

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