Hedge Fund Managers Get Insider Info from Senators

Hedge Fund managers are paying to find out about legislation before it’s made public in order to make huge profits. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks …

The Young Turks

Hedge Fund managers are paying to find out about legislation before it’s made public in order to make huge profits. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks …


  1. Keeping in mind that regulation is a form of government intervention. And a re-allocation of probably expenditure and wellfare benifits, which is still socialism.

  2. It didn't turn out to be Carolyn Maloney. It turned out to be Spencer Bachus to head the House Committee on Financial Services.

  3. All of the stocks are representative of Real Companies with Employees. real companies make jobs. the people running these funds and companies are the best at making jobs. they are the same people in financials because guess what- jobs, products and services generate money.

    yeah that govt. inside info is not fair and not right (no idea about whats illegal here) and they should have people that are good at doing some important stuff do important stuff- especially when this stuff is needed.

  4. This is a full blown case of insider trading that includes politicians!

  5. is that legal? not unlike martha stewart?

  6. Watch my videos and join my dictatorship

  7. kiss the ladies, shake hands with the fellows, then it's open for business like a cheap bordello, and they call it democracy

  8. We got the best that money, (big money), can buy.
    At least it's a bi-partisan effort.

  9. School is not the place to learn how to make a lot of money. You have to go to congress for that.

  10. Gee I'm sure glad that we have the SEC to police the financial system for insider trading…

    Oh that's right I forgot, SEC stands for Secure Exchange Corruption…

  11. It's not hard to make money. It's hard to make money with integrity.

  12. Then all of Europe turns into a speculator gold mine. And the same thing is happening in the U.S. These investors and bankers are utterly worthless. It's not that hard to work in Wall-street, you don't have to work every day and you'll make a killing, but you're stealing money from the American people. We're becoming a police state where the top make ridiculous profits and the poor get shafted.

  13. Why is the system so hopelessly corrupt and evil. I hate banks, speculators, and hedge fund managers. Look at Europe if that financial system goes down, who gets hurt government jobs and the private sector. And then who gets hurt the poor and the middle class. What gets cut government support, healthcare, education and spending. Then what happens people lose jobs and they can't pay for their properties. Then we get a property bubble. Then their houses devalue. Then speculators buy the houses.

  14. TYT it is good to have you guys on the side of liberty

  15. timothy geithner must have his cell phone on vibrate.

  16. Didn't Martha Stewart go to jail for something like this?

  17. Cenk, I love you, you're awesome, keep doing what you're doing 🙂

  18. this show is a pretty good anti depressant… idk why though lol i should be mad about insider trading…. i really thought it was illegal.. but since its not from a company its legal?

  19. Ron Paul 2012!!!
    Honest, principled A man who's voting record honors ideals that are well founded in the best plan for self government ever created: The US Constitution. The supreme law of the land!

  20. There are laws against insider trading arent there? The SEC should investigate these crookes

  21. @OktoberSunset The American people need about 100 or so John Allen Muhammad's regulating DC from the trunk of a Caprice Classic.

  22. @JEFF9K We also need to set Term Limits

  23. @OktoberSunset Seriously, we either chop off their political balls (have to elect a strong libertarian like Ron Paul) or they have to disappear. If you can't change the system within the system, then you have to destroy it and start from scratch.

  24. if this was the marvel universe, the punisher would be in heaven.

  25. Can we start hanging people already? Im tired of all that peaceful protest bullshit.

  26. this shit'll never change.

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